Wild Horse Casino in Pelican Rapids, IA

If you’re a gambler in the Wild West, you’ll want to look at Wild Horse Casino in Pelican Rapids, IA. The casino is one of the most famous and longest running Wild West casinos in America. This town was also known as the Wild West Gun Shooters Village, which is a good place to visitif you are interested in a bit of history.

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Wild Horse Casino has been operating in Pelican Rapids for over a hundred years. Many of the original buildings that house the casino were built in the late 1800s. The original Wild Horse saloon was located just a short distance from the present building. You will be amazed by how much older this casino really is, when you see the interior of the lobby.

There is a Wild Horse Casino in every part of Iowa. You can find it in Iowa City, Cedar Falls, Dubuque, and Des Moines. You will find it in Johnson County as well.

Many people are unaware of the fact that the Wild Horse was the original location of the “big draw” at Winnie the Pooh. Before the Winnie’s Pooh character arrived in a train, he had to ride a wild horse through the woods to get there. This wild horse was originally named Wild Tom.

The Wild Horse was one of many Wild West gun shooters who lived in the area. These men would practice shooting at targets set up in their fields. This practice led to the development of the Wild West gun shooting sports. The Wild West gun shooting sport was actually very popular with the population in the area. It would become even more popular when the Second World War started to break out in Europe.

Today, you will find Wild Horse Casino in all areas of Iowa. You can even buy and sell horses in the Wild Horse Casino online.