What To Know About The Wild Horse Pass Hotel And Casino

If you want to take a trip to the beautiful and scenic Gila National Park in New Mexico, the Wild Horse Pass Hotel and Casino is a good place to start. “Wild Horse Pass Hotels and Casinos features gambling, entertainment and conference planning. Guests enjoy gaming, live music and dance shows, bowling, horseshoes and more.”

wild horse pass hotel and casino

There are also several other activities offered at the Wild Horse Pass Hotel and Casino which include horseback riding, biking, camping, hiking, fishing and much more. One of the things that sets this hotel apart from others is that they offer some of the best services around with top quality and affordable accommodations.

The Wild Horse Pass offers a large selection of accommodations that can fit all budget sizes. Most of their rooms have some sort of view from their rooms such as the famous Sky Ranch. The best part about the hotel is that it is located right on the front door to the Wild Horse Park, which makes for easy access and an easier time finding your way around. The hotel is also located within walking distance to the casinos, shopping malls and even the famous Sky Ranch.

Another thing that sets the Wild Horse Pass Hotel and Casino apart from other hotel chains is the fact that their staff is friendly and will treat you like royalty! The staff works hard to keep the hotel looking neat and clean and you can be sure that their attention to detail is top notch. You can check out the casino during business hours to enjoy live entertainment, games and dining while you wait for your next adventure. The Wild Horse Pass Hotel and Casino has also developed a very popular pool game called “Bingo”.

If you are not interested in gambling then you may still want to check out the Wild Horse Pass Hotel and Casino’s bar and grill which serve up the best burgers, chicken wings and sandwiches. The bar and grill are located just a short drive from the main casino and is also easily accessible by taxi.

The Wild Horse Pass Hotel and Casino is also close enough to the Sky Ranch to experience some of the wildest roller coaster rides. For a great family vacation you should definitely consider booking your stay at the Wild Horse Pass Hotel and Casino.