The Wild Horse Casino Hotel

wild horse casino hotel

The Wild Horse Casino Hotel

Wild Horse Casino Hotel, located in California’s Central Valley, is a must see. If you’ve never been, this place is hard to resist. It has a rough town and a cowboy style of decor.

Wild Horse Casino Hotel offers you the chance to indulge yourself in an exciting activity. Horse racing is on offer in different categories: stud, maiden, full or non-full. Horse race betting can be done online and there are several books with descriptions of each of the races that you can get and peruse. There are also daily newspapers, which you can read and compare between the races.

The women and children are allowed to watch the horse race under the supervision of a chaperon. In the interest of fairness, a few cars are kept on site for the guests to have a little more room. There is no age limit for the bettors. Some of the grandstands are well signposted and you can take a stroll down them before your horse race.

It’s not all horses and cowboys and dark tunnels. Wild Horse Casino Hotel is popular with a diverse crowd – the young and the old. The children here have the opportunity to enjoy many of the games available, including poker and bingo. Others may simply be there to party.

At Wild Horse Casino Hotel, they’ll get a shot at watching a horse race in a mini harness race. This gives the spectator’s a sneak peek into the world of horseracing. It’s very fun and for some people it’s addictive. You can also try your luck at slot machines, if you’re interested.

Local residents love the hospitality that is offered here. It’s no wonder they want to come back here every year to participate in the regular events and get a few freebies for doing so.

This particular place is a favorite with many. That’s because it has something to offer for everyone. It’s got something for the young and the old. It’s also a family friendly event and the atmosphere is fantastic.

Many will visit this place again as there are various types of entertainment available. The atmosphere here is outstanding. Those who are invited and lucky enough to be there can take home with them many different items of memorabilia. If you are planning a trip, Wild Horse Casino Hotel is sure to be a great choice.