Live Entertainment at Wildhorse Casino and Hotel

wild horse casino and hotel

Live Entertainment at Wildhorse Casino and Hotel

Wildhorse Casino and Hotel in Beaverton, Oregon, is a great place to enjoy live entertainment. Located on the beautiful Willamette River, it offers guests a variety of water sports, camping options and beautiful scenery. Wildhorse’s Casino boasts four of the biggest poker tournaments in the Pacific Northwest.

Spring Poker Round-Up was held in April of this year and paid out more than $9 million in tournament prize money! The Spring Tournament offered many different tournament formats for its participants. This included five tables of nine players, four tables of six players, seven tables of eight players and one table of seven players. Each of these different formats offered some kind of unique entertainment for the participants.

The Spring Poker Tournament offered a tournament type of experience that was unique for a Wildhorse location. Each table received a different number of chips that the players would start with. Once the players got to the designated starting table, they would be divided into two teams. These teams would then play other teams until one team won the whole tournament. The last team to win would be the champion of the tournament.

For players looking for a way to spend their vacation time at Wildhorse, this is a great option. During the summer months, this Wildhorse location hosts all of its activities during the months of May through October. During this time, the entire property is closed for guests. However, the casino and hotel to host live entertainment throughout the summer. At this time, the Wildhorse Casino hosts the Oregon State Championships of Poker. This competition allows the players to compete for cash prizes and even play for an Oregon State Championship bracelet!

Wild Horse offers many different activities for guests during the winter months. Visitors can participate in a variety of games at the Wild Horse Casino. These games include roulette, blackjack, Texas Holdem and many other games that the participants are able to customize to suit their needs. In addition, Wildhorse offers live entertainment during the colder seasons, including sleigh rides, ice skating, snow tubing and much more.

While WildHorse is one of the best places to go when it comes to live entertainment, the Wild Horse Casino and Hotel offer something that is also important: great food and fun. Located just minutes from downtown Portland, WildHorse has restaurants on each floor of the casino and the hotel has its own bar area. All of the restaurant locations offer live entertainment, including performances by local and national acts.