Wild Horse Resort in Pendleton Oregon – One of Oregon’s Favorite Mountain Beaches

The Wild Horse Casino Resort & Casino in Corral Oregon are a lovely retreat for those who enjoy good old Wild West adventure and the splendour of Oregon’s natural beauty. Nestled amongst the rolling green fields of Eastern Oregon, Wildhorse Resort & Casino is a unique getaway. Owned and operated by the Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation, Wildhorse Resort & Casino is the ultimate destination for outdoor recreation, adventure gaming and fine-tuning the “bad-boy” persona.

wild horse casino pendleton oregon

The entrance to Wildhorse Resort is spectacular. Upon entering the resort one is greeted by a wide sparkling pool area complete with lounge chairs, waterfalls and several tables for playing card games and video poker. Placed between the two motels in the shopping center is the enormous fully-stocked Wildhorse Casino. Here guests can dine on the many delicious dining options provided or play one of many of the numerous casino games available. The main gaming room is set for eight players, but there are tables available for multiple game play, so feel free to invite the neighbors or a few of your best friends!

Those who are looking for a little more excitement can take their pick from an array of wild horse themed courses. Just off the front of the Wildhorse Casino is the Wild Horse Slope greens course which is built on a scenic overlook of the Slopes. The course is challenging with nine holes ranging from three feet, to nine feet, to fifteen feet. It’s not the most challenging course in the Wildhorse Resort, but it is still a fantastic getaway for those who enjoy the idea of a challenging course without actually getting hurt. For a really fun experience look for the Wildhorse Slope loop, which loops back nine times around the course to return to the exact same spot you started out at.

No matter what your skill level is, the Slopes course has something for everyone. Even if you have never played before the course has a number of experienced players to help get you up to speed. Other than the loop, the course is flat, fair and full of challenges. If you don’t like a high handicap then this course may not be the best choice for you, but if you have a few hours free and the desire to win then this could very well be the place for you to spend your Sunday!

Don’t think that just because the course is located on the beach that you can just jump in and start playing. Even though the course is right on the water it’s still considered a course. Players must learn how to play on the sand, and they must know how to drive and negotiate water. There are two different halves of one half of the course; one half is normal driving on smooth sand and the other half is harder modified driving with a lot of waves. This half is considered the “regular” driving track and the other half is considered the “customized” driving track.

Wild Horse Casino is located on US 18 highway about thirty minutes east of Prineville. Once you have arrived you will want to hit the course as soon as you possibly can. You will be amazed by the friendliness of all of the staff there, even the ones that are playing. You will be happy to walk away from Wild Horse after only one hole. The course is definitely one to see, and play!