The Wild Horse Pass Hotel & Casino Plans to Get Ready for Opening in Late 2021

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The Wild Horse Pass Hotel & Casino Plans to Get Ready for Opening in Late 2021

The Gila River Hotel & Casino presents guests a real western adventure in the form of a Wild Horse Pass. Located right off the I-35 freeway in the north-central mountains of Arizona, the Gila River Hotel and Casino offer many activities for those who enjoy playing free online games or slot machines. Guests will find several gaming tables, snack bars, an indoor shooting range, and two full bars inside the casino itself.

The Gila River Hotel and Casino are part of the Chandler community. It has two hotels; the Shula Delta Lodge and the Wild Horse Pass Inn. Both are within walking distance to the casinos and serve the same general customer service. Both also have comfortable sitting areas with good sight seeing views of the mountains and the sparkling waters of the Phoenix and Tempe valleys. Both have full kitchens with professional chefs, a large selection of groceries, and a deluxe fitness center with an Olympic weight bench.

The two guest rooms each offer a spacious living/dining area as well as a cozy bedroom for a comfortable overnight stay. The rooms each feature a king-sized bed and have washer/dryers, cable TV, a microwave oven, a refrigerator, and a coffeemaker. There is a restaurant with a choice of American, Mexican, or Japanese cuisine.

The Wild Horse Pass Hotel & Casino is undergoing a large-scale renovation project that will add hundreds of new guest rooms, a new banquet facility, an outdoor swimming pool, and an entirely new restaurant. This exciting new project is part of the ongoing renewal and reconstruction of the Gila river community in southwest Phoenix, Arizona. The project is being managed by the Talisman Development Corporation, the developer of the adjacent Casa Nana Resort and Spa.

In planning for the future expansion project, the Talisman Corporation has hired architecturally skilled American architects to create a unique set of architecture, which captures the spirit of this landmark hotel tower. “The vision for this expansion is nothing like what we have seen at other hotels,” said John Bennett, President and Managing Partner of the Talisman Corporation. “We are very excited about the opportunity to bring this world-class casino experience to Chandler and the surrounding areas.” “These types of casinos are not for everyone,” said Steve Finck, President of the Chandler community. “But when you visit, you will feel like you’ve come home.”

The Wild Horse Pass Hotel & Casino promises a “new experience” for all of its guests and residents. This spectacular addition to the vibrant community of Chandler will surely thrill visitors and residents. The construction project will add to the Tucson/AZ area’s already impressive landscape. Once the Wild Horse Pass Hotel & Casino opens in late 2021, it will become the tallest building in the desert northwest of Phoenix. Once again, Arizona’s leading employers, developers, contractors and citizens are working together to complete this incredible project.