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Exo Terra Flo 250, Complete Internal Filter Review

When you have a turtle, you are going to do more than just let your friend walk around the house. You need to have a habitat for it and you will need to ensure it has filtered water. You will not need to treat it like a fish, but rather the way you would treat all turtles, with care and it’s own major habitation. Now, when you fill out the tank, you will need dry land and you will need a pool of water for them to enjoy a little swim. With that, you’ll need to filter the water. If you don’t filter the water in your turtle’s tank, you’ll find that the water can turn green and murky. It may also smell terribly, so you’ll want to change this out often, and you’ll want to have a powerful filter. That’s where the Exo Terra Flo 250, Complete Internal Filter comes into play.


Up front, you’re going to find that this is an easy thing to put into place, and start filtering water. It’s a simple option that you can put into the tank and let it run. It’s submersible, and it has multiple purposes. You’ll find that you can work with chemical and mechanical filtration, and it even has a biological element to it. You’ll also have an airflow control element, and water flow adjuster all built into this solution. It’s an easy to setup solution, and it’s meant for terrariums and aqua based tanks as well. You can put this in the tank and forget about things for a while, as it will filter out the dirt and grime, and keep your water clear for a time. Of course, it’s always important to clean up the habitat from time to time, but you won’t have to do it nearly as often.


The reviews for the Exo Terra Flo 250, Complete Internal Filter are relatively positive. This has nearly all 5 star reviews, with a lot of 4 star options going forward. The positives outweigh the negative, and most talk about how easy it is to setup and start working with it. Others noted that it filters out small and large tanks with ease. Some found that it was difficult to manage at first, but found that with a little bit of time it worked like a charm.


  • Easy To Use
  • Submersible
  • 3 Stages of Filtering
  • Easy To Maintain


  • Not Meant for All Tanks
  • Can Break Easily

The Final Note

At the end of the day, your turtle deserves the best, and this solution is one of the better options on the market. Whether you have one or two turtles, or a few more, you’ll find that this is a great option to consider. It’s easy to work with, and can be submerged and filtering within a short span. Overall, the Exo Terra Flo 250, Complete Internal Filter is a solid choice for your turtle’s habitat, and will work well overall. Test this out and see why many review it favorably.